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Centre for Social Work Education

Centre for Social Work Education is a mission driven training institute. We are committed to the well being and competency of psychotherapists. We believe that to help our community make meaningful and lasting change, it is vital that we start with the individual sitting in front of the client. That’s you! 


The Centre for Social Work Education teaches everything that you wished you learned in school. We are an experiential training institute and believe that theory must transfer to practice, and we take full responsibility for ensuring that.

Experts by Experience

We give such value to the voice of service users, who we proudly call Experts by Experience (EBE). EBE work hand in hand with experienced clinicians to offer a unique and invaluable learning opportunity.

Eclectic Approach

We specialize in an eclectic framework of practice and are grounded heavily in trauma focused culturally responsive care. We specialize in building connection and self-reflective practice.

Centre for Social Work Education

Offering High Quality Training to Psychotherapists

Centre for Social Work Education is grounded in evidence-based practices and is constantly evolving our training practices to meet the needs of therapists. In today’s world, mental illness is on the rise and the word “therapy” is no longer as stigmatized as it once was. The result, many individuals seeking and giving therapy a try. The problem, we have ONE chance! ONE chance to get it right. ONE chance to ensure that we are truly connecting to our clients. That one chance is largely determined by your ability to connect and make a client feel heard, supported, and safe.

Our Training Programs

Our courses are co-taught with experts by experience

Our Mission

To provide high-quality education and training to therapists and organizations looking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and career goals within the mental health field. We are committed to creating a learning opportunity that is grounded in creativity, innovation and personal growth.

Our Purpose

To assist students and organizations reach their full potential and become mental health leaders; contributing to the betterment of our society.

Why Sign Up For Our Courses?

Centre for Social Work Education has a social responsibility to donate a portion of it’s proceeds to improving access to mental health services. 

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Research shows us, time and time again, when therapists are ill-equipped with skills and competency to practice, burnout is inevitable. Yet, many therapists do not feel competent to practice in the specialized area of psychotherapy

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